Soartful Challenges Weekly Challenge - Bathing Beauty

Our family goes to the beach every year, you can't get a more relaxing vacation...We live in North Carolina and have spent many of those vacations at the Outer Banks, a beautiful place to relax! This year we went to Holden Beach , NC. So grateful that the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been.We are keeping all the people hit by Irene in our thoughts... 


Sunday Postcard Art Challenge - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was at the Last Supper.....

Soartful Challenges Weekly Challenge - Lady in Waiting

My Lady in Waiting is Sarah Churchill Duchess of Murlborough (1660-1744). She was on the court of Queen Anne of Great Britain. I used a letter of Sarah's she had written and the lady in the background is Queen Anne. I found the images on Wikipedia.....


Collage Obsession Weekly Challenge - Glass

I used the moon as my inspiration on this piece, turning the the drinking glass into the vase with the earth inside... 

Seeing The Light


Soartful Challenges Weekly Challenge - Mae West

" I wrote the story myself. It's about a girl who lost her reputation and never missed it." - Mae West 


Soartful Challenges Weekly Challenge - Veiled

This challenge was a picture of  Gloria Swanson. I think she makes a beautiful rose...


Collage Obsession Weekly Challenge - Gluttony - the next deadly sin

Now this was a challenge! I feel the need to go back and do the first one which was Lust...